What other games/apps do you have?


Oh, I love freeways that is a nice puzzle game.


The only “game” that I play is Infinite Flight, which is technically not a game…


Ahem mini metro ahem


Other apps that I have are Instagram and Life360


Games/apps are my favourites, especially indie and on mobile!

I have a list lol.

Purpose Apps
Writing, notes, stories :closed_book: Bear, Evernote
Recipes :cake: Kitchen Stories
Drawings :art: Procreate, Paper by 53
Music :musical_note: Auxy
Coding Hopscotch, Codea
Astronomy :milky_way: Star Guide


  • Lumino City
  • Monument Valley [1, 2, Forgotten Shores in-app purchase]
  • Smash Hit
  • Minecraft
  • Sky Gold beta

Smash hit too!

Other games that I don’t have currently downloaded but I have also enjoyed playing:

  • Bastion
  • Broken Age


Uhh, Mini metro, PUBG Mobile, and Stack AR

Other apps:
Google maps
Apple Watch activity
Google Classroom, Docs, Slides, sheets, pretty much every google app

That’s all I use lol


Dang that was an informative post


11 days later. I have stopped playing GTA 4 for GTA 5. And I completed the story mode in GTA 5.

For context I got GTA 5 on Tuesday, its Saturday.


World of Warplanes, War Thunder, Battlefield 1942, Gunship 3, Gunship Sequel: WW2 as well as world of warships blitz and world of warships(months ago), Carrier Landing HD and Aerofly FS2, Pacific Fleet


Me, I don’t like fortnite.


Same here, I don’t like fortnite as well and the name sounds just too weird.