What other games/apps do you have?


What kind of apps or games/apps do you have? This will let us get to know you better!


I mainly use Nintendo Games. I never really have games on my phone. The only “Games” i have on my phone is a game called Smash hit and Dark Echo, and I rarely touch them lol.


Well the one I use the most is Turboprop Flight Simulator. It’s actually pretty good, it’s got a VTOL aircraft and I’m in love


I have Flightradar24 flightaware subway surfers things like that. I also have apps for airlines that I fly on.


I have SimCity, and a couple others XD


I got the Fortnite Mobile! XD


Who doesn’t have fortnite? I have it on my Switch, PS4, and my iPhone…


I am sorry to say that I don’t have it.


You have a switch?? So do I!


Me three :slight_smile:


I have Sim City it’s a good app. :slight_smile:


I would agree it is fun


Reminds me of this video


O rly?

Well something funny is some guy come to our school and said a prize was a 50 dollar Amazon gift card or 5000 V Points!!!
And I don’t play Fortnite Like @AmericanAirlines


Very good @Luke_Sta :slight_smile:


Am I the only one who hates sim city and likes playing cities skylines on my switch?


I am not sure. I like sim city. :grinning:


To give this a bump. I now have GTA 4. Trust me, i’ve been on murderous rampages. However I have been following the story, and the fact being that I like the cars better than other games. I think its my game of the year.


I have PUBG, thats my life now…


Plague Inc, Trivia Crack, Freeways, and a couple more.