Welcoming our new Partners at the IFCI site!

Welcoming our new Partner to the site!

IFCI, or Infinite Flight Community Interviews, has partnered up with us at Aviation Airways VA!

All Members in the community will be able to access both locations.

As the IFCI is a different place, Moderators will be segregated, meaning a Moderator on the IFCI side Cannot Close, Edit, or delete any topic on the AAVA side, and the same goes with our Moderators in the AAVA side, as they cannot Edit, Delete, or Close a topic on the IFCI Side Unless Requested by Me on the AAVA side or a Staff Member on the IFCI side.

What does this mean for AAVA?

Aviation Airways VA will still be operating! There will be more traffic than usual since the members of the IFCI will be on and off. We might even get some new recruits if an IFCI member decides to join the VA!

WIll IFCI be a separate entity?

Yes, the IFCI will be a separate entity. You will still see their posts on the Main Page though.

Can I join the IFCI even if I am a part of the AAVA Site?

Of course! No one is stopping you from joining their side. Once you sign up to the site, you can decide where to go.

IFCI Staff:

Note: Connor and CR3W are universal Moderators, which means they both can lock, edit, and delete topics on either side.

We look forward to seeing them grow on our site here! We look forward to welcome our new partners soon!


We are so glad to be working with our friends here at AAVA!


And a welcome to the new IFCI Moderator @rileymoyer :slight_smile:


Excited to be working here!

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