Welcome to MAIVA

Good Afternoon and Welcome to Miami Air International Virtual.

I would like to take this time to introduce myself and introduce you to the dawn of Miami Air!

Who I am
My name is Sean Murphy, I used to work for the actual Miami Air International in the Maintenance Division until the airlines demise on May 8th, 2020. I loved working for Miami Air, they were my second family and helped me in every single way possible to advance my studies. My goal for my future in aviation is to be an A&P Licensed Mechanic specializing in Boeing 737 NG’s as well as the MAX’s. Why the 737’s? Because these aircraft are absolute workhorses, they are very reliable and very easy to fix and work with.

So why create a Virtual Airline?
After the demise of Miami Air, I wanted to spread and share the information I learned about how a real-life airline is ran into the virtual airline world while also providing a fun experience for all! Charter airline also provides an unique experience with no routes, we go where our customers want to go!

Our Goals and how we will be successful!
Our goal for this airline is to be the premier charter virtual airline within the IFVARB. We are going to be IFVARB approved. Meaning we will be able to advertise, recruit and do events with other members in the community! Another goal is to also provide the best learning experience to our staff and pilots on how an actual airline is ran. We will run the same business style the real-life Miami air ran until its demise! We will have 7 737-800’s and 1 737-700BBJ for training aircraft starting in the fleet and then as the number of pilots grows, we will gradually add more 737’s into our fleet. Our base will be in Miami International Airport at the Miami Air ramp, there will be times we will fly out of the terminal for charters.

We will be the most professional and realistic airline in every aspect with this, from route running to maintaining our aircraft, also meaning we will NOT SKIP ROUTES. Please note the 737-800 will be the only aircraft we operate in this airline.

Once again I can hope that you can join us along in this journey and welcome to Miami Air!

Keep the blue side up.

Sean Murphy
President/CEO of Miami Air Virtual