Transition to an All Boeing fleet


Hello everyone!

As you know, we have a very diverse fleet of Airbus and Boeing (excluding Cargo and Express).
We have decided that it would be best to retire all the Airbus Aircraft in our fleet and instead transition to an all Boeing fleet for cost saving

What will this mean for Airbus Pilots?

Pilots who fly on our current Airbus planes will continue to fly on the Airbus aircraft, but will begin to get training on the Boeing aircraft once retirement of each aircraft has been announced.
All Airbus Pilots will be trained to fly all the Boeing Aircraft from the 737-700 to the 787-10.

New Airplanes?

We have plans to purchase more Boeing 787’s, as well as the Boeing 777-300ER, which will be a new aircraft joining the fleet later this year. Once we receive the Boeing 777-300ER, it will open up new possibilities for long distance travel to new locations in the world.

We hope that this will help simplify our Airline Fleet by using only Boeing aircraft. We may do the same for our Cargo and Express fleet if it is needed for the future.

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Excited to see this change happen!


Nice fleet. I like to see the B787 into Aviation Airways va only because it’s the best long-range wide body aircraft and it’s easy to fly. :wink: