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Southwest Airlines 1828
Departure: 1335Z (6:35 AM PDT)
Boeing 737-700

Yeah this is why I haven’t created the KSJC tracking thread yet.


Lucky you! I wish I could fly today…


Portland I love that city! Where are you staying?


Oh after we land, we are driving up to Seattle

We will be staying in Bothell Washington


We will be staying near Portland tomorrow night


It’s a very nice area.


I’ve been there twice before


Portland is wonderful. Definitely stop at the food trucks.


@BigBert10 on his way to PDX:


Southwest 4892
Boeing 737-700
Departure: 8:05 AM PDT (1505Z)

Notes: Heading home


@BigBert10 strikes again!


Delta. 5527

Time 12.30pm

KMHT(Manchester) to KDTW(Detroit)

Aircraft CRJ-900

Notes: if aircraft are landing on Runway 06 MHT is the best place to spot in the world if you stand on the barriers by the first fence closest to the parking lot. Shout out to MHT and that Homewood Suites being loud everytime a plane landed

Delta 1149

Time 3.45pm

KDTW(Detroit) to KLAX(Los Angeles)

Aircraft 757


Have a good few flights!


Why are you going to PHX @AmericanAirlines?


I am going to Phoenix because I have a house there. I also have some family there. It is just one of the many times a year I go there.


I was on C-FIWS! CYYC-CYYZ I was in 4C plus class (this was before they blocked the middle seat on CFIWS


That’s awesome I am in seat 4F! The middle seat will be blocked on this one. :slight_smile:


Wow look at how Flightradar24 spells WestJet. Lol


Oh yeah, did you hear about Westjets new division Westet