The A320 Vs The B737


Which aircraft do you think is better and why?!

  • A320
  • B737
  • they’re the same

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I’m a little biased on my opinion since I’ve only ever flown on A320s


I’ve flown on a 737-500 ages ago and loads of A320’s


The A320 is wider and more comfy in most cases, but you can’t beat the 737 winglets and nose, so they both have a lot of reasons to love each one, I prefer the Airbus though.


The 737 is better because:
A: I can use the 737-800 to do Ryanair landings with the callsign NOBUTTER
B: Westjet Boiiiii


I feel like this is a Boeing vs Airbus topic :thinking:


In a more specific sense.

flags 20x




(love this phrase)


I’m gonna cause a fuss if it ain’t an Airbus

My second favourite phrase


Replace “fuss” with “puss” and “ain’t” with “is” then you got a statement…


What? Puss? Why in the name would you want to cause a “puss”?


The A320 is sooo much better.


CaUsE rYaNaIr DoEs NoT oPeRaTe It


I don’t know, your the one “causing a puss”

Anyone have any idea how “causing a puss” would work?


That is where I got it from