Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Midnight Release

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Smash Ultimate Releases TODAY!

After we found that our local Best Buy was hosting a Midnight release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, we decided to get going to buy the game!


Gameplay is what you’d expect from a Smash brothers game, smash your opponents off the stage to earn points!
You choose a stage first, then your character, and then you battle it out either Timed, stock & Timed, or just stock battles.


You can play up to eight players simultaneously on one Nintendo Switch! That’s the same amount as like the Smash for Wii U, except all stages now support 8 player smash!
You can play locally up to eight players as well, and online against only one or a full four player game.

You can play co-op with a friend online as well

Adventure Mode (Spirits)

Smash Ultimate brings a new adventure mode called World of Light. In this mode, Kirby is the only one standing, and you must free up the defeated fighters from the spirits, and fight your way up until you defeat Galeem.
Do you have what it takes to beat World of Light?

World of light is really interesting, I just unlocked a couple of characters, that unfortunately don’t carry over to the Roster in Smash, but I’ll continue playing it if it does, as for now it just has its own roster in WOL.


The game is very well put together, but it takes up 13.5GB if memory, so I had to buy an SD card for me to install the game.

It’s an awesome game for sure! Thanks Sakurai!

10/10 -“Everyone is here!”


This is pretty much useless to me if I dont have a switch correct? Becuais this looks fun…

If you don’t have a switch, you’re missing out a lot on this game

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Not waluigi :sob:

Great review!!

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Yes I have it! It is epic! In fact, we are having a tournament at school lol

Oh cool! :open_mouth:

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