Sun Country Airlines's Biggest Route Expansion

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Part of it has been taken from @Pinecone’s thread. Thanks to @Pinecone for allowing me to remake Sun Country’s route expansion to not only feature KPVD, but 6 other airports added to Sun Country’s route network.


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About Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country is a low-cost airline headquartered in Eagan, Minnesota and based at Minneapolis Saint-Paul International Airport (MSP/KMSP). They operate about 70 routes, which are mostly destinations between the United States, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

What’s going on?

Sun Country recently announced that they are going to have the biggest route expansion in their history. They will be opening up 19 new routes along with 7 new airports. This expansion is largely focusing on its presence in the northeast, where they do not have many routes.

New Airports

Sun Country Airlines expanded to a total of 7 new airports. The airports are listed below:

  • KEWR (Newark-Liberty International Airport)
  • KIAD (Dulles International Airport) (@Deltabro)
  • KORD (Chicago O’hare International Airport)
  • KPHL (Philadelphia International Airport)
  • KPVD (Providence International Airport) (@Pinecone)
  • KSMF (Sacramento International Airport) (@Asorb)
  • KSAT (San Antonio International Airport)

New Routes To New Airports

At their new airports, Sun Country will be adding the following routes:


Notice how they are all from their main base at Minneapolis (KMSP).

New Routes To Existing Airports

In addition to their newly added airports, Sun Country is also adding routes to some of their existing airports. The routes are as follows:

  • KMSP-KSTL (they already had a flight from St. Louis to Fort Myers (KRSW))
  • KSFO-PHNL >:(

What do I think of this?

I like how Sun Country is expanding to a new airport including an airport that is only around 2 hours from where I live (KSMF). Sadly though, they did not add KSJC to their routes database as I was hoping KSJC to have a nonstop flight to KMSP not just with Delta Airlines. What I don’t like is how KSFO is getting expanded even more with a new flight to PHNL. :frowning: DANG IT KSFO!!!

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What do you think of this?

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Lol. I think they would’ve saved a lot of time if they flown out of SJC, but I think they don’t want to do the loop also

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