Street Fighter V - A Game worth getting?

Hello everyone,
yesterday, I bought Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition for my PlayStation 4. I was hoping to play this game, as I thought it would be somewhat similar to Ultra Street Fighter IV.


Game Design

The Game was built using Unreal Engine 4, which is kinda why I bought it as well, and it was really cheap.
The game is beautiful, everything in HD, new stages, and a couple of new Characters as well.


Gameplay is where it really frustrates me SO F@#&ING MUCH.
There are different modes:


the main game of the Street Fighter 5


A Mode where you can fight CPU, another friend, or CPU vs CPU.


I didn’t pay attention if this game has online, so I’m putting it here anyways

Issues with Versus AI

The AI in Versus has many difficulty levels:

  • Level 1 - Extremely Easy
  • Level 2 - Super Easy
  • Level 3 - Very Easy
  • Level 4 - Easy
  • Level 5 - Moderate
  • Level 6 - Moderately Hard
  • Level 7 - Extremely Hard
  • Level 8 - Impossibly Hard

As I am used to Street Fighter IV being an easier game, even on the Very Hard Difficulty, I decided to throw myself into Level 8, the most difficult level, because I was thinking it’s not going to be as hard and it’ll be similar to Street Fighter IV’s “Very Hard” mode.
And that is where I was WRONG
Immediately after starting, i went full on. I lost my first round, and then was like, okay, I can’t seem to defend well, and the inputs weren’t coming in as fast as in USFIV, and the AI can combo to where a human can’t do.
It took me 20 Tries to manage to beat a level 8. TWENTY TRIES!!!
In USFIV, It only took me 5 tries before I managed to get the hang of the game.

That’s where I noticed something, it seems the AI can somehow read the player inputs, and can perform combos so fast, I can’t even react appropriately with my own combo. I then tone it down to Level 7, still, it took me 18 tries before I was able to beat it.
I was extremely frustrated, I actually wanted to throw my controller into the wall, but I held in my anger, which led to a nosebleed lol.


Street Fighter V has amazing visuals, and a good amount of Characters to choose from. Gameplay is great, though:

  • you can’t block as much anymore
  • the game is more Combo oriented
  • you can get cornered very easily
  • AI can perform combos beyond human skill levels
  • If you make a move, you are easily vulnerable to Attacks by AI on high difficulty, to the point where they can make a combo in one go and KO you before you’re able to make another move

I say, if you want to start with a good fighter game, SFV is a decent game to begin with, though, I suggest you try out Ultra Street Fighter IV instead :slight_smile:

5/10 - “CPU beyond Level 6 can be EXTREMELY frustrating”


If you change the title to “A Game Not Worth Getting”, that would be much more accurate.

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