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Welcome Pilots!

Here you can discuss many things relating to flying, filing flight plans, and other important topics. This Start Here topic will help you get familiar with what you can do here in this Pilot Area subcategory.

Creating a Pilot Area Topic

Your topic must be appropriate and must be something you genuinely want to share with the rest of the pilots.
We accept topics that: Share flight plans with others, give tips to other pilots involved in flying, fly with another member, and questions.

Sharing Flight Plans

A pre-made topic of sharing a Flight Plan will be available. There you can announce that you wish to have another pilot join you on a route


Do you have a question about flying, or just a general question about the VA? Create a topic with the [Support] tag and we’ll try and answer your questions as soon as possible

Giving Tips

There will be a thread dedicated to giving tips. There you can share ways your fellow pilots can save time on flying, or just general tips on flying.

Pilot only events

You are welcome to create a Pilot only Event. It will be supervised by an Admin of the VA.

You will be able to do anything on this sub category so long as you follow the Start here guide.
Thank you for joining our Virtual Airline

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