Secure Contain Protect | SCP Containment Breach

Secure, Contain, Protect

SCP Containment Breach, is a first person survival horror game that revolves around monsters that have a designated SCP number, and range from “Safe”, meaning it’s safe to use, to “Keter”, meaning it’s a danger to everyone and everything.

Safe = Safe for everyone
Euclid = Dangerous when conditions are right
Keter = Dangerous regardless of situation

Some SCP’s who have Keter May also look safe as well.


You are designated as a D-Class, the lowest class in SCP Containment breach, and you are called D-9341, and you have been told you have to “test” the main Antagonist of the game: SCP-173.
SCP-173 is a Statue that if someone blinks or looks away, it will move at lightning speed and will kill anyone by breaking their neck or by strangling them.

Once you get near SCP-173, everything goes as planned, that is until the facility experiences a BlackOut and SCP-173 escapes it’s containment cell and breaches the facility. The SCP facility then goes on Lockdown due to Multiple Euclid and Keter Containment breaches.

You, D-9341, the main protagonist, must now navigate the facility and escape, while avoiding SCP-173 and SCP-106, or The Old Man.


I have played this game. It’s pretty scary and fun, and it’s actually a really great survival horror game. I’d suggest you try it out, it’s available for FREE on their official site at:

8.5/10 - “Very intense sometimes, jumpscares are common if near SCP-173”