PUBG or Fortnite?


Which one? I personally prefer PUBG, but it’s close…

Display Name for Various Games

neither I don’t like shooting games lol


Fair enough I suppose. I am the biggest fan of racing games personally, but I play a few shooters


I play both, but I now mainly play Fortnite as I met some awesome people online


I’m glad to say. I hate both games and I only play Dogfight 1942.


I just prefer the more methodical, slow paced, play style of PUBG. I like that you are always playing the long game, but you still have extremely heart racing moments. To me Fortnite seems all about seeking the nest kill, and the whole building thing is not my favorite…


I will say that PUBG on the XBox, is, well, broken to say the least


I’m not a fan of shooting games but I do like PUBG, fortnite sucks!


Neither. If I’m playing something online, 9/10 it’s DayZ.


I prefer Fortnite

It’s more fun


I prefer none.
That was easy.


lol, most people don’t prefer either


No, trust me, it’s a highly opinionated subject


I love Fortine but I’ve been playing more Call of Duty BO4 Blackout lately.


Im with you on that one


None. Don’t like any.


What’s your display name? I’d like to play a few matches with you. If you use PlayStation, that’s even better.


Some say it’s just a name, some say it’s a mystery. Many people have tried and failed to find my name. It’s a simple name, and I have kept it secret for a long time.

Time will tell when I will let people know of my Name, but that is not now.

You will get it soon my child…


Okay Gandalf…