Possible Addition of Embraer ERJ195 into the fleet


Here at Aviation Airways VA, we always want to diversify our fleet

Aviation Airways VA has been using the ERJ195 for Non-PAX test runs.

Why add the E195 to the fleet?

We feel like the ERJ195 will be a fairly easy to use aircraft for short to medium haul.

This aircraft will continue certification to be used in our Virtual Airline, so be on the look out of an ERJ195 at one of our hub and select destinations!


Love the E190! So cool that you guys might fly it :slight_smile:



Those planes are so uncomfortable to fly on


Not really, I’ve flown on an ERJ175, they’re comfortable and nice


Well so did I and it was a short hop from SJC-LAS with Delta and let me tell you:

I did not enjoy that flight even though I love being on airplanes


Everyone has their own opinion :).

Once certification is complete, you’ll be the first one to fly it :)))


That’s a big oof
I don’t like plane irl or IF XD


Too bad lol, you’ve already been assigned an airplane, and that’s the ERJ195 XD


Cool! How are your operations going in general at the moment?


Normal. Just did two touch and goes at MHT for the E195. I’ll start sending the ERJ195 to our hubs for compatibility soon (yes, I know it’s compatible IRL). Once all is set and done, we’ll begin doing Non-Pax runs on medium flights (MHT-DEN ) that is 4 hours or less.

Then, once everything is all good, we’ll begin PAX flights on select routes, as we don’t want to use the ERJ195 for too long of a flight


If it aint Boeing i aint going

im gonna cause a fuss if it aint an Airbus


You know we fly both Boeing and Airbus in our VA right? Rightttt???


We continue certification of the ERJ195. Here is a test flight from Jackson Hole to Salt Lake City.

We plan on basing ERJ195’s at San Jose, CA and Pittsburgh, PA


Since Daniel has given me the task of planing routes for these shall we say intresting aircraft I want to ask you giys what you think we should serve.

(you may chose 3)

  • NYC
  • Detroit
  • Scranton
  • DC (Regan)
  • DC (Dulles)
  • Cincinnati
  • Ft. lauderdale
  • Tampa
  • Chicago (Oh’are)
  • Chicago (Midway)

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KPIT (Pittsburgh International) Airport Tracking thread

I think NYC would be good, as NY is like the busiest routes in demand.


Ya, I definitely want to work that in with some aircraft, I think I’ll put a second poll on the KPIT thread later today about adding more exotic routes, see what people want, but I felt like this was a good mashup of medium to major citties that are about an hour (often less) or so flight from KPIT


Hi everyone

Today, I have been debating about where to put the ERJ195.
Since we are going to all Boeing, I was debating on whether scrapping the E195 idea of putting it into the fleet, or utilizing the ERJ195 on special Shuttle routes.

These routes would be:

For the west coast, it would be:

Fares would be cheaper, as these shuttle flights would only be for business travel.

It would take customers on shuttle flights to New York for the east coast, and to Los Angeles and Sacramento for buisness people wishing to fly early and without delay.

What do you think?

  • Remove E195
  • Create Aviation Air Shuttle Service

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That’s good news. I fly embraer aircraft anyway but never fly ERJ195.


ERJ195’s will be added in Next month. The E195’s will be used only for shuttle services, and maybe on occasion a normal flight if reposition is needed.


Even better :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I would test out the new aircraft when I get it even though it’s only for shuttle services.