Paid $20 off for KSP!


I’ve been wanting to buy KSP (Kerbal space program) on my Xbox for a while, but it’s on discount now! So I bought it $20 off! It’s been really fun. The whole game is about building rockets and launching them to space! Tell me what you think.


Here’s the KSP website link:


Ooh I’ve heard about kerbal space program! I watched a review when I was younger and it sounds like a lot of fun… trying to get your ship into orbit, landing on the Mun :joy: I haven’t played it myself yet unfortunately.


It’s really hard though, the highest I’ve been is 183k meters. Still Low earth orbit.


Is it anygood on XBox? I’ve been eyeing that sale, but I’ve heard it isnt that good on XBox


Yeah it’s great! It’s hard though,


KSP is literally my life and soul right now and I got it for like 15 bucks on a Christmas sale, thanks for pointing out more sales for this amazing game!