Odd Discourse profile bio?


This is probably not the best place to post I’m sorry, but I’ve seen this for a while. I’m not in the infinite flight community so I’m not sure what’s going on lol

awesomerobot is from the discourse team and has the same profile bio as someone from the infinite flight community



I’m too intimidated to post on discourse meta nowadays, so idk if this is a bug or what it is :joy:

Oh wow it’s fixed now nvm lol, I wonder what happened


So wait what happened here?


Yeah I think maybe discourse team or awesomerobot changed it back, but it was still funny to see lol

Awesomerobot does UX so maybe they were testing something…


That is weird, they both had the same bio


Yeah they did lol :joy: and it was there for a long time too, I guess I’ll never know what happened