Model aircraft collections


Hi everyone!
To continue making better conversations in this community, why not share your model aircraft collections!
It can be as simple as a Matchbox Aircraft, or as high end as Gemini jets.


  1. they must be your models.
  2. Photos can have Filters, just don’t overdo it
  3. Models which are future releases can be posted here
  4. Please split which scales are which (1:400, 1:200)
  5. have fun!

My Model airplanes

My flagship model, the Airbus A350!
I own the following aircraft

Delta Airlines Boeing 737-900ER(S)
Delta Airlines Boeing 767-300
Delta Airlines Bombardier CS100 (Airbus A220)
Delta Connection Embraer ERJ170
Delta Airlines Airbus A321
Delta Airlines Airbus A350
United Airlines Boeing 777-200
Frontier Airlines Airbus A320neo
American Airlines Boeing 737-MAX8
UPS airlines Boeing 757-200F

Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300ER

Airport names

My airport is called the Hillsborough International Airport and is currently a focus city for Delta Airlines, since I own more DAL planes than the other models I have.


Airport names must be appropriate

Can’t wait to see what you guys have! Please respect each other’s models, not everyone can afford high end models



Really wanna get the Gemini 757-300 for delta, idk if I’m gonna order it though. Anything reccomended for a US airport? Looking for widebodies


Delta 777-200LR (Gemini Jets)
Alaska “More to Love” A321neo (Gemini Jets)
Southwest 737 MAX 8 (Gemini Jets)
Icelandair 757-200 80 yrs of aviation (Gemini Jets)
Might get a @Westjet737767 737 MAX 8 for Christmas

Delta A350-900 (Gemini 200)
British Airways A320neo (Gemini 200)
Delta A319 (Gemini 200)

a photo soon


I really recommend the Delta Boeing 777-200LR Gemini Jets! It is such a perfect size (imo), and the livery is just amazing!

Why is the link not oneboxing?


Thanks!!! I’ll look into buying this one, but I have too many delta planes oof


Yea same here lol. Need more variety


Early Christmas gift!!!


Christmas gift!!!