Manchester-Boston Regional Airport Diversions [Past]


KPIT’s had an A380, not to brag or anything… :joy:


So has KDEN. I saw it on FR24


KSJC has only had a B747


Well you guys probably get very few divisions since your weather probably isn’t much different than SFO or OAK, and anything diverting there probably wants one of those two…


And that, my child, is where you are


KSFO and KOAK are way closer to the ocean than KSJC boi

That means they are colder and often have less visibility

Also the UA flight was a charter flight, it went from SFO-SJC boi


Boiiiiii @Daniel_Cerritos

I don’t have your typing style boi :joy:

Don’t edit my post child… :joy:


Okay, I won’t edit anymore of your posts @BigBert10 lol