Manchester-Boston Regional Airport Diversions [Past]


Due to a winter storm hitting NYC and surrounding areas, Manchester is seeing some Diversions.

Delta Airlines Airbus A320 | KMIA-KLGA (Diverted) [N348NW]

Departing to LaGuardia at 7:45pm EST (Departed | Arrived)

Endeavor Airlines CRJ900 | KSRQ-KLGA (Diverted) [N919XJ]

Departing to LaGuardia at 8:10pm EST (Departed | Arrived)

This will be updated once we get more diversions


What’s your take on the diversions? Do you enjoy more aircraft or sympathise with people who are spending more time under the care of an airline and not at home or tending to business?


I think Diversions are cool. We don’t get diversions that often.
PAX I hope they’re all doing fine and getting accommodations


What’s the biggest divert you’ve ever gotten?


Airbus A330 from Amsterdam.


That’s a pretty big one, what’s the biggest thing (in theory) you guys could handle?


Like Non-Rev or Revenue service?


I just mean like biggest thing that could theoretically land there, practicality aside.


But y tho…

I am not sure. The biggest non-rev we have served is Air Force One, Super Guppy, Deerjet BBJ787-8, Omni Air 762, and much more.

I’ve already told you in a PM lol. Theoretically, I think maybe we could land a Boeing 747-8i. I really am not sure


How long is your longest runway?


Why do you ask so many questions :joy::joy::joy:?

Google is your friend, our main runway is 9,250ft long


What’s your biggest gate?


Omg lol,
The biggest gate we have is Gate 2, as it can support up to a Boeing 757-300 no issues. Gate 4 on the other hand can theoretically accomodate a Boeing 767-300ER, but MHT has only serviced up to a Boeing 757-200 when United and US Airways brought them in back in 2005


How big are your fire trucks?


That’s something I don’t know. How many questions do you have now lol, I gotta sleep lol. Gotta change my tire tomorrow morning before I go to work lol


How many rental cars do you have?


Lol, I’m kidding, I haven’t been serious since the runway question…


Looks like both flights have not shown anything such as when it departed. I will look tomorrow to see if we got any more Diversions.


Daniel there’s an a380 coming in!


I wish lol, but they’d all have to be bussed to thier destinations as the A380 cannot depart full