Make your voice heard!

Ladies and Gentlmen of the VA

I have decided to run a poll to see what we should do as a Community.

You the members of this community have brought up some concerns about how the IFVARB has enacted a ruling that VA’s with communities should comply with their rules, regardless if its a seperate community.

This Poll will decide what will happen to the VA

    • Become independent and remove thread from IFC (meaning we cease operations in the IFC, but remain active)
    • Become independent, remove thread from the IFC, and use other forms of social media to recruit staff/pilots
    • Continue to follow IFVARB rules
    • Do nothing
    • Other

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We are a community in where everyone is welcome, and having an outside source enact rules on another community is a violation of our TOS.

your vote counts, so choose carefully


I mean hers my reasoning. I would say, and no finger pointing, that more or less everyone here joined for the forum, or were recruted as staff. I am 90% sure the only flights that have been run were to test new routes, or the 3-4 group flights that have happened, a few of which were private to staff before we had many members. Beyond this comunity this VA is more or less dead. Second, we all loved Alaska, and I think that suspending him here should be up to the Daniel to suspend him here, the IFVARB did not give him that choice on his own fourm that is almost 0% under there control. Sure it’ll be harder to get new members, but clearly our thread/VA arnt drawing many members. So I think us telling friends is more impostant than an IFC thread is for us. I think the best part is the small tight nit group, and god forbid one of us get on the bad side of the IFVARB, I dont want them to rip it appart again. That should be up to the moderation team here, not people who arnt part of this community, and have little to no association with it…


Also might I point out to non staff that we have had some times whare the IFVARB was strongly questioning out legitamicy. Eaven uf we armt full of people, I feel like small VAs should have just as much right to operate as the likes of BA. We bad a simlar experiance in TFC, the IFVARB seems to be really cracking down


Funny part is that our VA isn’t even on the Database.


Then they certainly cant boss us around like that!


That is a blatant doible standard the way I see it. They dont recognise us, but they boss us around


Well if were not on the Database then what’s the point of having an IFC… Ima vote for become independent


I was alao thinking about this side if it. From here on out, I think this VA will always have strained relations with the IFVARB, I dont think anyone here is a big fan at this point. I also want to say that in being upset about this I am in no way condoning, or approving Alaskaair’s inital actions, I just think what happened here should have been daniels choice


What happens if we unsuspended Alaska? They can’t see what happens in this community. They have no control.

Do they binge watch the site?

If they do, unsuspended Alaska. Have a talk and start a debate with them. They might get mad and remove us from IFC. But they can’t shut us down.


I think the threat of punishment on the IFC is the bad part…

They are clearly not lose about these things…


Haha, they invited a Moderator into the chat when I debated with them.

That basically means:
“Either you do what we say, or we will suspend you as well”

It’s a silent threat, I can clearly see it.


Might I ask if you were like debating, of like really going at em?


I was debating why I should ban Alaska from my community.


Then tell them that they can shut you down but they can’t do anything in your own community that you paid for

Unsuspended Alaska


Already have things covered :). I’m removing the VA in my own way from the IFC :wink:


Do it silently and indirectly. Unsuspended Alaska, wait till the IFVARB finds out and tell you about it, tell them no, they shut you down

You make them mad and you get to bring Alaska back

Things to come soon! Expect an announcement!