Inactivity in the forum


Hi, I notice many of you are inactive…why


We’ve kinda all forgotten this exists :man_shrugging:


I guess it depends, I still visit sometimes though :blush:


We all have lives so we are pretty busy at times

And at the same time, there hasn’t been much activity in terms of Aviation Airways so we all just went inactive.


Not all the time. I’m active in here watching every once and a while to see what’s going on.


I always try and check in every day. Recently its been hard, but you know I’ve been trying


We do visit the forum but we don’t reply or create new topics


Not all the time yeah, but I’m sure everyone comes here to get away from the IFC. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the community.

I made this community for free talk and to make whatever topics. It’s supposed to be like a social place to talk about games and stuff or life events.

Yes it’s a VA community, but I can make it whatever I want since I own this community