How are you liking the forum?


I just wanted to make this topic to see how everyone is liking the forum, since there are quite a few people now joining, and active, I’d like to see how everyone feels about the forum!

How much are you liking it

  • I love it alot!
  • I like it
  • Its Ok
  • I don’t like it that much
  • Thats gonna be a no from me

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Is there anything you’d like to change on the forum

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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If you voted yes or maybe, post it down below

And just comment anything you’d like to say, or ask about the community!


More activity on Social media and maybe some Moderator dedicated to Social Media


We already have an Instagram run by @AmericanAirlines

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Hmm. Maybe we should be posting just a little more to boost chances of new Members. Just a thought

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Maybe someone can make a Twitter and run it for the VA

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I think the forum is great but a way to flight log or something on the line of making it look more of a VA type

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I could set that up for you

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I feel like we can be more lenient than IFC.

People should be happy that there are here. They should be able to come here to see something good. They should enjoy being here.

My thoughts


I think we already are, Daniel put up with me and Connor for a lot of things lol

I don’t know how, I just put up with you

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I put up with you for a lot of things only because I like you… :grin:

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“Like you” = “You do all the work for me”


I do all your work. I know… even your homework :wink:

Can you do my homework pls? I’ll love you forever


You dump all the IFCI work on me, and because you weren’t bothered to post the IFCI thread I had to force you. ALSO you let me run AAVI because you were lazy.

Its lazyiness. But Still love ya


Love is all that matters in that sentence…

Brotherly love right there

Between a Canadian and a Kiwi… yup

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Anyways, we had our fun. But we have gone too off-topic and this is now just a full on conversation.

Lets get back to the main point of this Thread. :slight_smile:


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