Hold my beer, eh?



Oh god, imagine what the passingers must have felt!


“Hold my beer,” famous last words…


They were probably screaming their heads off lol.


I was more wondering what the announcement sounded like


That Air Busan A321 tho…

ATC: Air Busan XXX you should probably go around, climb and maintain 4000

Pilots: Naah we’re fine, gonna nail this landing

ATC: you sure about dat?

Pilots: bounces mulitple times and slams hard on the last bounce ok maybe we should have gone around, need to listen to that song


“Well there I was that one fine Sunday afternoon. Just me and my airplane, and a little airport we’ve never been to.”

“We were on Short Final and nothing was looking right. I was seeing Red over Red and White over White, and I couldn’t seem to remember how that saying went anyway, but, I was staring right at the runway and all I could think was I was setting myself up to ungraciously dismantle this perfectly good little airplane, and the off in the distance I heard a voice, And I think it was that of my flight instructor saying…”

“You can always Go around”