Hello is anyone here?

It’s been a while! I wonder how many people will see this


Yes, I’m actually still active here, I’ve just been busy with being bored at home all day, as well as being bored at work


This is so hilarious but yeah, I were wondering the same thing. xD :joy::joy::rofl::rofl:

Quarantine really got me lol

I actually found it more stressful going to the post office today and having to interact with others then to just stay home and talk to no one.

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heyo, bert!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been active here, my bio and this thread are suuuuuuuper outdated

Maybe I’ll pop by here some time :slight_smile:

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Wait did you change your bio or did you just leave it as is

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just leaved it as it was lol

I’m still around occasionally. I’m just vibing

There hasn’t been a new thread in a while

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Because no one has come up with one lol

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I don’t play IF that much nowadays, oof.

I’m sure you will once the 777 releases

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Problem is: I din’t have a pro subscription and the fact that my iPad Air is a 16GB but I already have other mobile flight sims and also, a mod remove my XPs and I have 137 xp now but originally I’m grade 2 but down to grade 1. I still play IF tho because I did a 717 landing solo before we started E-learning. I would still play IF if I wanted to because I know that I wouldn’t stop playing it because of its realism and I play Rortos even less. I spent my time playing combat flight sims on PC and iPad(DCS on PC and Gunship sequel WW2 on iPad). I were also on IF this month

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Hello mate, can you PM me? I have such a great offer for you, As I’m new TL I can’t Message you.

Well, this is dead now

Oof last 7 days

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