Favorite Airline Livery


Hey Guys!

I thought I’d make a post here, so here I am.

I’d like to know your favorite airline livery. Just to get to know you better! Mine happens to be this one, my home airline. Air New Zealand. I look forward to seeing what’s yours is!

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Litterely couldn’t find a topic on this. So yeah


I am a fan of the Unerican Livery. Just amazing piece of design


This is my favorite:

Image Credit: Me!


My Personal Favorites


Back at it again with that Frozen and Mickey livery I see @AmericanAirlines


Anyways, if I am being serious…

Goodnight all!


This one is also very nice. :slight_smile:

Image Credit: Me!


Call me biased, but…



Gosh, you are soooooo biased…