Farewell to AAVA and MIAIVA

It’s been a great run! Seeing as to the fact that AAVA is rebranding to MIAIVA and is going to be in the process of getting approved by the IFVARB, I have no choice but to end my career in this VA.

While it is tough to end something you have been a part of for so long, it is not only coming because I have decided to leave. It is also because of a recently updated IFVARB policy saying that an IFC member can only hold one staff position at a time. I currently am holding a staff position at Southwest Virtual Airlines (SWVA) as the event manager. This means that I am unable to hold any other staff position in any other virtual airline approved by the IFVARB. This means that despite enjoying my position as a staff member of the former Aviation Airways Virtual, I would have to resign as a possible staff member to Miami Air International Virtual.

I would like to thank @Daniel_Cerritos for offering me the position to be the airport manager of Norman Y Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC/KSJC) (a former hub of Aviation Airways). I would also like to thank @Luke_Sta, @CR3W, and @Connor for being great co-workers during our journey with this VA.

While all great things come to an end, the memories will stay. Thanks to everyone and I wish @Sean_Murphy and the staff the best of luck in running the new, rebranded Miami Air International Virtual Airlines.




You’re always welcome to come here and chat, as this is just a normal community after all :slight_smile:


@BigBert10 you’re always welcome here sir! I’d also like to thank you for the kind note you left on our PM in the IFC chat. Very kind. Hopefully we can work with SWVA in providing aircraft rescue flights to your fleet in any event of one needed! At any time you need a new home Miami Air Virtual will be here :wink: