F1 2018, a great game, but too hard


So I’ve been playing lots of F1 2018, on an XBox One S with a controller. So here’s my review of sorts.

Graphics 10/10

The graphics are stupidly amazing, especially since you wiz by them before you can start to look, eaven down to stitching on the drivers gloves and stuff. I wish. Could say more, but I don’t have much else, they’re amazing, lest for a few trees on a few circuits that shouldn’t be there.

Gameplay 5/10

It’s good racing, I’ll get that out of the way, but it’s simply too hard. Now I get that it’s super realistic to F1, and I’m for that, then some, but I wish there was a “beganer mode” or something, because eaven with AI on 0/100, they are very aggressive, and putting down lap times that are hard to touch especially when you’re just getting a grasp for the controls. This game is not made for controllers, you really need a wheel to fully grasp this game. Now there’s a possibility I’m just bad, and I certainly don’t think I’m the best, but I have spent hours in this game over the break, and I played lots of Forza before this, so racing on the controller is hardly new to me, but as a console game unless you have a wheel you’re going to struggle and I have a hard time recommending it to those people, but the career is awesome. Most “career” modes just feel like the rest of the game but with saves, and some small additional content, but with interviews with media, and working with you’re team (Red Bull for life), it feels legitimately different from the rest of the game. But again, you really can’t just hop into career mode, you get absolutely smoked…

Miscellanies 9/10

The online is good, rankings make it a rather fair playing field. The cars sound great. The menus are well payed out. I give it a 9/10 since it’s nothing amazing, but it’s certainly well rounded…

Overall 24/30

It’s a good game, but especially if you’re playing on a controller don’t expect to be good at it from the gate, but if you put some time in especially in time trials you can get good. One tip, try something more tame like a Williams Raceing, or Force India before you do the Mercedes and Ferrari’s, especially in career mode…


(These are screenshots of game clips, so quality is not as good as the game…)


Noice. I love racing games. I don’t have an Xbox tho


It’s for PS 4 and PC as well. Despite my negative gameplay review I’d honestly recommend it for someone who is into racing games/F1 and is willing to accept that it is difficult…


I’ve had a bit of a turnaround, I just had a great race, and it felt amazing, not just because I passed a lot of people, but because I had to put in lots of work for that. I see the hard difficulty of this game much more favorably after seeing that…

Also new pictures!

These are more or less full quality… (click them to see that, it’s so pretty… :heart_eyes:)


Tbh forza looks more realistic cool review tho


Which Forza? And have you played F1 2018?


Fourza four, and I havnt played it im just looking at your images


Those still aren’t quite full quality, having played Forza Motersport 7, and Horizon 4 on the same system I’d say that it gives Forza Horizon an extremely good run, and often looks better I’d say, and is definitely superior to Motersport 7…


Yeah, they do come close…


But eaven if this looks better, I’d give more credit to Forza H4 since it has a world much bigger than a dozen or so tracks, and many more cars, so to make all that look almost as good is more impressive to me if that makes sense…


late response oof

Makes sence yee


I think F1 2018 is greatly aimed at hardcore fans (like myself)! It’s one of my favorite PS4 games!


I play Gran Turismo. They have F1 cars in there. me liek GT Sport.


We should compare times some time, I’m not super good, but we should see how we stack up…


Ooooh! That game looks sick! :star_struck: It reminds me of the days where I played Gran Turismo 4 on my PS2.


Get GTA V if you are interested in cars :wink: