Dunedin Airport Evacuated after Bomb Threat


This story is still developing

Dunedin airport in the South Island of New Zealand has been evacuated due to a suspicious package. The Bomb Squad is heading down from Christchurch as several flights have been either diverted or canceled for the evening, 2 Air New Zealand flights have been impacted with more expected.

The heightened response over unattended baggage comes 2 days after 50 people were killed and 50 more wounded during New Zealand’s worst terror incident. Airports around the country have added temporary Domestic Security Measures, and Christchurch has been closed to Turboprop Aircraft since 9pm Friday. Auckland & Wellington airports already have Domestic Security for Jet flights, however any Turboprop flights have no security.


Man the world we live in sucks. Idk why people do this to scare others.

Humans are the only species of animal on earth to do this sort of terrorism.

Someday, I hope we will see a change


I’d dispute this, sure terrible things still happen as we’ve seen this week, no arguing that, but in almost every respect the world is a better safer world today than it was just a hundred years ago, and that world was far safer than 500 years before that, globally poverty, illness, murder, theaft, most other crimes, and war deaths are all down, and fairly dramatically. Around the world people’s lives are better than ever, less likely to get sick, working less than ever on average, but getting payed more than ever on average. You’re less likely to die from almost anything from illness to murder than you were as recently as the 70s-80s. And this isn’t my opinions or something, this is what the numbers show us. Terorisum events like this, are extremely unfortunate, but again on decline, 2017 have 20% fewer attacks than 2016, and 24% less deaths, that’s a 1/5 of them less for both categories, that’s a staggering change for just one year, and that’s just one year in a nearly 5 year period of sustained decline. While that still resulted in a very unfortunate 26445 deaths, that’s about half of what the Flu did, and it’s 49 times less than the 1.3 million people killed by car crashes worldwide, that means terorisum abounded for half a months worth of car crash deaths, which by the way is also falling (less sustained though, it has some years whare it goes up).

I do want to get it straight that I’m in no way trying to discredit what happened here, it’s undeniably terrible, and we need to do everything in our power to stop it, I just want everyone to realize the world is actually as safe as it’s ever been, and that when we say hopefully it will change some day, it actually is, about as fast as it ever has…


This is because we have thinking brains while other animals just do stuff to keep themselves alive.

But this event is scary and it’s kind of mean for whoever it was to perform this action


I agree with you. This is horrible, absolutely horrible.


Really horrible. Hope everyone was ok.


I do too. Let’s hope it gets better.


guys this happened like two months ago

but it’s nice to know you all care though


Just to let you all know the update on the Situation in New Zealand

The man arrested was the sole attacker and has been awaiting trial for 39 counts of Attempted Murder and 50 counts of Murder. The bomb threat at NZDN was deemed a false alarm and the airport reopened the next morning.

Thanks for caring all!

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