Drawings and sketches


I feel like it would be cool if we had a real world Aviation section for sketches.
Here is one I’m working on right now:

Westjet 737 Max-8 unknown reg


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Lol who changed this to general?
This is literally site feedback in a nutshell.
Edit: @Daniel_Cerritos Explain!


It should be RWA right?


I dunno… you’re the moderator


Yeah, we will keep it RWA for now. :slight_smile:


But it is a request for the website so why shouldn’t it be in #site-feedback


What do you mean?? :thinking:


I’m requesting a category for sketches


I think RWA is fine. :slight_smile:


Okay guys, no need to discuss what category sketches will need to be in. Real World Aviation is where it should be.
Any more off topic chat and I will temporarily close this topic.



Finished this Generic B727F. It’s the best I can do for a multi-engine airliner. I mostly do Twin Engine only.


I can’t actually draw with my hand so I use computer programs and some editing software to help. :wink: