Display IF on a screen


Does anyone know how I can display IF on a screen like this?


That’s a screenshot made into someone’s home screen

I think you can use screen transfer on Apple devices but I don’t know about android


I am using iOS for sure and it’s an iPad mini 4 16GB :wink:


To display an IF image as a wallpaper, you’d need to go to settings and select new wallpaper. Depends on device


I am displaying the game, not the image. Something like this


Oh. I’m not sure about windows, but on Mac you can use QuickTime and select your phone or tablet and use it that way.


QuickTime is iOS as well.


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I can’t unfortunately do that. You’ll have to wait out your suspension.
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Why can’t you do that


Ooh, I’m not sure about the name of this cable. But if you have a monitor and a HDMI - lightning connector cable, you can display your iOS device on a monitor or a television screen

Oh apparently it’s called a Lightning Digital AV Adapter


Would this work


Can I display IF on 7 devices?


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What you’ve got there, the USB above, can link to TV, however I doubt it’ll stream it onto 7 devices, it is laggy enough as is trying to connect one device.


No it needs to be Lightning to HDMI, otherwise it won’t work.

Alternatively, you can go on your Mac, then connect your device via USB, then click on QuickTime and do it that way by mirroring your device. It might lag a bit though.

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