Design your own Airline or Repaint (Moderated)


This was my first ever livery lol.


Something I designed for someone


I like the Fanta one more than most, because you’ve got the logos and the noticable orange and white on the aircraft. Nice Liverys @ThePraetorian!


Thanks! Funny enough though it was my first one!


Can’t wait to see this


Could someone fill my request of a WN 737-700 old livery Reg N962WN with splits?


For your first it’s really well done!


By WN you mean Southwest right?


Yes, WN is Southwest.


I know, I just wanted to make sure that he didn’t mean something unofficial. Like people say SWA for Southwest, just wanted to make sure he didn’t somthing like that…


Yep. I mean Southwest.





Really shows the true passion.

New Zealand lost about 10% of its population during the fighting, due to our population. RIP


Wow! I mean we all knew it was horrific, but for a nation, especially one so major, and so far from the fighting!


RIP indeed… true dedication.




Really nice, their new livery is really nice, good job! If you wanna make it even more realistic, add a registration.


Thanks for your support guys!


Praetexair should order some Airbus A220’s, and some Embraer ERJ190 E2