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Feel bad for the person who gets to the gate 3 mins after boarding was called.


Wouldn’t it have been great if China Eastern had done this for the Pittsburgh flight?


Very nice! :slight_smile:


I would reccomend med’s templates, should i give you a link?


Nihon Airways News

The leave of skywind from Blu Sky, was heavily encouraged by Nihon Airways. The airline that made record profits in the last quarter convinced both Oriental and Skywind to join them to create a new alliance. This is how Unity was formed. Skywind, Oriental, and Nihon all sent one of their planes to Nihon’s giant painting facility. All three planes were painted together with them coming out of the paint hanger also together. Nihon airway’s livery was modified to a more conservative look to make space for the Unity Alliance logo in the aft section of the aircraft. Both the skywind and oriental liveries will be displayed here some time soon. Template by MED. Skywind and oriental are property of @JAYLAF747 and were used with his consent.


No. I tend to outline and create a blank template in Adobe Illustrator and then make liveries that way.
That plane alone has Over 20 layers.


What do you think of the alliance livery?


I think it’s pretty cool, cough cough Lumberjet is looking for an VAA Cough cough
I might actually make my own alliance though, stay tuned.


Template By MED


@Daniel_Cerritos, @Alice what ya think of this?



A Unity Alliance Member


Love it!! Heck yeah!


Flybe concept!

I made this a while ago. I hand made the logo actually! I downloaded a font that is the same as Flybe’s logo.


Kiwi Express A220-100. Kiwi Express is a regional airline founded in 2017 and was bought by Air New Zealand in June 2018. I based their livery off of Air NZs old livery a little bit.


I love it!


I love this! Looks awesome.


Currently working on a custom GA plane. It’s gonna take a loong time to make but It’ll be worth it!

Haven’t decided on a name yet. I’m sorta basing it on a Cirrus SR22.


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