Design your own Airline or Repaint (Moderated)


Is the yellow line like a watermark or what?


IDK, I can’t take it off lol



I just can’t get over WestJet’s colors :heart_eyes:


Anyone get this callback?


Oohh! Pan Am ordered a couple of Concorde’s (Sad they cancelled them), make one for Pan Am!


Ok, I’ll try to do that!


Nihon Airways

Est. 1982
My first legacy Fictional Airline. What do you guys think?


Also @Daniel_Cerritos your request (the northwest) is currently #5 on the to do list.


I really like the engine colors and then the grey swoop through the aircraft… the tail also looks very nice in that red/purplish


Thanks! This is my favorite FA yet by far.


Y’all get early access to my Air New Zealand ATR72 and L1011. Fun fact: I actually flew on this ATR72 to Wellington! My phone’s background is this exact plane.

For the life of me I am never able to get the curve correct. :weary:


BA Comet!


Would you mind sending them via pm I can’t find any


AirBaltic A319. Template by med


Rember that poll?


Omg imagine if Southwest had a 787-8, where would they fly it to?
That’d be a cramped airplane full of economy


Very creative @KPIT!


I have no idea whare, they would go, but Southwest is great, i’d Fly whatever on them…


Here is one I just made.
I forgot the name of the template I used to make this