Design your own Airline or Repaint (Moderated)


I just put on a couple of small images of tape


For today’s livery…

  • 737 NG series
  • 737 MAX series
  • A340 series
  • A380
  • 787 series
  • 777 series
  • 767 series
  • 757 series
  • 747 series
  • MD-11
  • MD 80 series
  • CRJ series
  • Embrearer series
  • 727 series
  • 717 series
  • 707 series
  • Cessna

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I will chose a good livery…


Welp. It’s a tie. We need a tie breaker.


I got you… :wink:


Now it’s a tie again…
Well, the top two are

  • 787 series
  • 737 max series

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737 max it is! I will decide a livery.


Please stop making giant polls they clog up the thread a lot.


Polls shouldn’t be big all the time. If he does it consistently then yes, it’ll be a problem


Does anyone have any requests?


Alaska Airlines 737-800 (with split scimitars) old livery would be neat.


Could you do a quantas one world livery?


Delta Livery on a 737 Max would be cool to see


Well, I did some tweaks to lumberjet

  • First livery
  • Second livery

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ignore the small blue thing on the roof


Looking very good @Westjet737767!


I really like the contrast that the first Livery provides. Great work


Right, thanks for all the feedback! I will be posting this shortly on IFC!


The only critique I have is if you’re going to put the name under the windows maybe put it before the L1 door.


More like this eh?


Raise it a bit more, but other than that yah.


Alright then. Will do, thanks!