Design your own Airline or Repaint (Moderated)


My first fictional airline livery for this thread

Asmaan (Ah-s-mah-n), based in VIDP began operations in sepember of 2018, has recently finally reported profits. Operating in the space left by the financially crippled Air India and Jet Airways, Asmaan joined Ascend Alliance to further boost it’s growth.


Well, @KPIT thanks for the idea.

Added tape on the bare fare sign


Yooooo! I wanna fly in it!


Another post was unescceary, just edit the old one, and you can post it in this format.


Added tape to the sign.


Als isn’t that a 152?


According to the tea plate, no


It doesn’t really matter all that much for tape. It looks like a good before and after


Oh, I was just thinking aren’t the landing gear different?


Idk really, it’s a Skyhawk, maybe it’s a small inaccuracy


I have an idea! Do a Delta C172!


Oh no… Pixelmator doesn’t have capability for that


Ah, I feel like the 152 is maby eaven better…

Spirit CEO: hey we should get into the reagonals…

Buyer: ok, maby a brand new C208, or 182?

COE: na, they’ll survive in a 152, only about 30k…


Really? It’s just adding the logo and tail logo as well as the blue underbelly


Yeah but I can’t be that straight with my finger


Don’t you have a ruler?


Or just drop a .png of there logo in, and do that…


Maybe. Let me see…



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Livery by ME

An aircraft before paintin


How do you add the tape