Design your own Airline or Repaint (Moderated)


Yes you should make a Pittsburgh livery on the 767 then we destroy the Patroits 767…jk


Dirty AF 744
Template By MED
Dirt Effects by Nakima


@Connor as a mod, would this be the appropriate place to put the template despite being for liveries if I do make it?


I will close this vote in 5 minutes! I hope the Cessna will be the winner lol


I think we all are hoping for a Cessna 172 Spirt😂


I don’t mind. Anything to help people out!



And Cessna is our big winner!


Ya, I figured it would be used here, just wanted to make sure!

(Also that’s not at all to say I’m about to upload a template, I am just thinking about it…)


I like the rose on the tail of the plane makes it stand out… another great livery made @Darpan


Thank you, this was actually a Real Life livery, just decided it would look good on the 744. 132165_800


Yeah but the Queen of the Skies with the Rose just elevates it to a new level


Drum roll please everyone


leads to nothing for 10 minutes


DrumDrumDrum Spirt C172 is…


Ahem, and here we have the newest addition to the spirit fleet, with a capacity of 446 passengers, a record of 0.0000000000001 inches of legroom, the Cessna 172 Shyhawk Spirit!


It’s more beautiful then I thought😭


I love how “home of the bare fare” looks taped on. Probably the best livery in this thread period…


Oh its amazing. I love I


You gave me an idea lol!