Design your own Airline or Repaint (Moderated)


Yeah lol, no offense but why lol




Haven’t posted here for a while lmao



What’s popping? Imma keep this thread alive!



What’s Popping guys? It’s Danny here, wishing you to bring more of your precious art here. Keep this thread alive guys, it’s on Life Support right now.

Pls feed me your plane liveries, I am a dying thread :c


Here’s two, designed around Lufthansa group’s new toys, I’m doing the Luftansa it’s self later since I ran out of time


Love the Swiss 787 design


Ya, Swiss’s simplicity goes well with the sleek 787


It’s unfortunate timing to say the least, but I made this about a week ago…


That’s actually not bad of a livery on the MAX8.


Oh, ya, it looks great, but since Lufthansa already has a pretty good A320 family fleet, we’ll probably never see it…


So I dug up an unfinished WOW 747,anyone think I should finish it? Or make a WOW A350?




Made this too, Alaska 777X, probably May favorite looking aircraft…


Why does that actually fit the 777 so well??!


I know, I mixed up the eingen design a bit, but it looks great on the 779X


The beautiful GE90X eingens on my newest livery, the tail is the best part, but it’s not quite done yet, stay tuned!