Design your own Airline or Repaint (Moderated)


Hi and welcome to the Design your own airline or repaint Thread

What to include in the thread

The thread should have your creations in it, as well as a Source to the template


This thread is Moderator approved, and will be supervised at all times.

  1. All designs must be appropriate
  2. Requests must be appropriate or it will be removed
  3. Aircraft Templates should have a source
  4. Anyone who criticizes someone’s work should make it so the OP can see what needs to be worked on.
  5. Any Hate posts like: “Your Plane sucks!” Or “You have no talent” Will result in a Warning, and a possible suspension if it repeats
  6. Moderators have the right to temporarily close this topic at any time if it begins to heat up, and fully close this topic and unlist as well
  7. Most importantly, we hope to see some amazing airplanes on here!

I hope to see some amazing liveries on here, whether fictional or not. We hope you will all encourage each other to continue to improve on their skills. Everyone has their own skills and everyone’s drawings and or liveries should be met with positive criticism.

Have fun and post away!

Darpan's Livery Portfolio (Moderator Approved)

@Darpan you’re welcome to now post your liveries here!


AirBaltic CRJ900 template by med.

Edit: what AirBaltic plane do you want me to do next?


Hmmm… try a smaller plane, maybe A Piper and slap a livery on it as a training aircraft.


ooo, really good idea, let me get to work!


I like it a lot! If I had to say some things, I’d say maby not to italicize the reg, and I get that this is a design choice, but from the images I saw, most have half silver engines. Now obviously they have no T-Tails, but just pointing that out. Great job! As for what next, maby something crazy like a 787, or A330…


Ooo, I’d like to see an Air New Zealand A380.


I might be able to help…


Template By MED


Thanks for the advice, I have an A330 somewhere I’ll find it :wink:


Actually also about the eingens, I looked deeper, and it looks like they rock the green eingens now, so that looks good. I really like the way it looks…


Green engines, great. Time to redo my A330… and my trainer. sigh


An, it’s good. I think they still have both. I was actually just saying I was wrong. I have only found that on there A220s…


Wowed @AmericanAirlines?


That looks amazing!!


A little sneak peak for my boi @Connor


Whatcha making it in?


Autodesk Sketchbook…


What is that? An iOS thing?


NOOOOO why not Med’s templates???