Darpan's Livery Portfolio (Moderator Approved)


My Livery Portfolio

I try to do the best I can to make sure that all of my liveries are of acceptable quality. Requests can be submitted on the Design your own Airline or Repaint (Moderated) thread. Please tag me and provide an Aircraft (Type and Variant) and Livery with Livery Year.

All templates are by MED

Current Fictional Airlines

Nihon Airways

Base: RJAA
Est. 1982
Type: Legacy Carrier
Flagship: A350

To-Do List

  1. Nihon Airways A321 NEO
  2. Nihon Airways A330 NEO
  3. Nihon Airways A330-300/200
  4. Qatar Madrid Livery 777-300ER (Will Attempt)
  5. Northwest A220 (@Daniel_Cerritos)
  6. Undisclosed Livery (@Connor)
  7. Virgin Atlantic A330 (@Trevor_a)
  8. Virgin Australia A330 (@Trevor_a)
  9. Virgin America A321 neo (@Trevor_a)
  10. Alaska 737-700 (@AmericanAirlines)

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Nice Liverys. I like the attention to detail!


Really nice job Darpan, you put so much effort into your liveries!


Requests have been updated.


I’d like to see a Alaska Airlines 737-700 in the new colours. Callsign N619AS. :slight_smile:


Requests have been updated.



I have an idea…
Why not make a poster of Nihon Airline’s fleet?