Current Airport Hubs and Focus City Statistics (2018)

Good Evening Everyone!

I thought that as the end of the year grows near, that we would review statistics for our Hubs and FC’s and see where we are today.

As of 2018, the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport ranks the busiest Hub airport, followed by Denver International Airport, then Cleveland, and so on and so forth.

Please review this carefully. As an Airport Manager, you can use these statistics to see if your airport is performing well.

Airports Takeoff and Landing statistics

Here is a list of airports which we surveyed for the year. We have changed some things around, so please read to see if your airport is doing well. You will see changes, and we hope to see the airports in our network improve more in the future.
Airports are ranked based on Takeoffs and Landings (T&L). You can improve your airport ranking by announcing more routes, removing less profitable ones, or increasing frequency on multiple routes.

United States

Airport Operations (T&L) Hub Focus City Rank
KMHT 1.9M T&L Yes No 1
KDEN 1.5M T&L Yes No 2
KCLE 1.3M T&L Yes No 3
KSJC* 1.2M T&L Yes No 4
KGRR 1.1M T&L No Yes 5
CYYC* 1.0M T&L Yes No 6
KPIT 9,950 T&L No Yes 7
KMYR 9,289 T&L No Yes 8
KRSW** 9,256 T&L Yes No 9
KISP 8,750 T&L No Yes 10
* KSJC, KRSW, and CYYC have been upgraded to Hub Status. While RSW doesn’t look to have enough Takeoffs and Landings, it’s still an important hub to AAVA.

Central America

Airport Operations (T&L) Hub Focus City Rank
MSLP 1.7M T&L Yes No -


Airport Operations (T&L) Hub Focus City Rank
PHNL 3.5M T&L Yes No 1
PHTO 2.2M T&L No Yes 2
PHKO 2.1M T&L No Yes 3
PGUM** 1.9M T&L Yes No 4
* Guam airport was not a part of the AAVA network, but has since seen an increase of our presence, and since it is close to asia, we have designated GUM to be a hub for AAVA


Airport Operations (T&L) Hub Focus City Rank
BIKF 1.1M T&L No Yes -


Here is a Map of current Hubs and Focus Cities

United States [Hubs: 6 | Focus City: 4]

Central America [Hubs: 1 | Focus City: 0]

Europe [Hubs: 0 | Focus City: 1]

Oceania [Hubs: 2 | Focus Cities: 2]

As of 2018, these are our current Hubs and Focus cities for Aviation Airways VA. We hope to open more in the future if that airport is eligible!

Thanks for bringing this year to a great end. I thank you for being A Part of Aviation Airways VA History. I hope to see you in the skies soon!

-Aviation Airways CEO


Ok, wait, but this is in the VA right?

Yes. It’s for the VA lol.


More importantly…

What the…!

That’s not right…


Let’s talk hubs.

American Airlines IRL has a hub in LGA, as well as JFK and PHL. They’re very close, but they work

Wait what? What do you mean by that?

American Airlines has a decent size operation in LaGuardia and JFK. LGA used to be a hub for US Airways, but since they merged, AA inherented US Airway’s LGA hub.

They’re like very close to each other miles apart, but they’re both hubs that work out

Uh? Ya, I would agree with everything you just said, I just fail to see what point you’re making…

It’s hard to explain lol. KPIT is very close to MHT and CLE. If somehow we could make PIT work out as a hub, then maybe it’ll be a hub, but its too close to CLE for it to be a hub.


That’s not my point… :man_facepalming:t2:

Do you actually think that map is correct?

Not all maps are correct lol. I just plop it down where Pittsburgh would be lol. Just a random guess


Well it’s not right, I’ll tell you that much… :joy:

In you’re defense we would be close to Cleveland…

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Unless we shut down Cleveland, unfortunately KPIT would have to stay as an FC unless you can get more flights out of PIT.

Try making PIT the next LGA :slight_smile:

Also, ISP and MYR aren’t in their correct places either, so not all is perfect in the map


We should be here, right at that bend in the river since that’s whare the Allegheny (coming from the north) meets the Monongahela (not pictured) to make the Ohio (that proceeds west) at the Point in Downtown Pittsburgh…

But KPIT is what matters… :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now that I’ve given you a geography lesson, let’s get back to the topic here… :joy:

Shut it, I love geography lol :joy::joy::joy:.

Anyways, what do you think about the current situation of your airport? Might want to work on it :slight_smile:

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