Aviation Airways VA Booking System | Coming Soon

Theres something new coming to AAVA

Over the last few weeks, Daniel and a few other people have been planning a Booking System for AAVA. This will include a Frequent Flier System and a brand new way for pilots to earn more hours.

While we can’t go into full detail about the system. Once we have run a few tests, and made sure everything is perfect. We’ll open the Booking System to the Public. We will be posting updates here and there to the progression of the system.
I, myself, have joined the AAVA Team to help with Booking Management. And to help out around the VA.

Once Daniel and I are comfortable with the system and its progression, we will release the Booking System in Phases, and to a handful of people at one time, to ensure testing goes smoothly

Phase I

Release the new Booking/Rewards system to only Staff Members of the VA for testing

Phase II

Release the new Booking/Rewards system to some select few people in the public

Phase III

Fully release the new Boarding and Rewards program to the Public

Hope to see you all stick around to see this feature come to life!

See you in the friendly Skies,


I would like Everyone, Airport Managers, Route Manager, Event Manager, anyone who is a part of the Virtual Airline to participate in this new, upcoming feature when it releases to Staff members.

Everyone that joins this VA, regardless of role, is a Pilot in the VA. We need your participation in helping us. Once we release the initial version of the new Booking and Frequent Flier Program, we need you to help us not only fly them, but also book flights, and join our Frequent Flyer Program if you want.

Your participation in helping us will have you earn hours, and be able to log them, as well as earn rewards once they have been flown.

Thank you, and we hope this new system works out amazingly!


Coming soon! Stay tuned for that post when it comes

This was unfortunately cancelled :c too bad we never got to try this new system

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