Aviation Airways Transition to Charter

Due to a small number of Pilots, Aviation Airways VA has decided to scrap Commercial Service and go all Charter

Aviation Airways VA will be cutting down service and will instead be a private charter airline.

Airport Base

We will no longer have multiple hubs and Focus Cities and will instead have all services consolidated to our home base at MHT.

MHT has enough runway for flights around the world, with an exception to ultra long haul flights.


Aviation Airways VA will no longer have multiple aircraft and will instead offer small to medium airplanes.

The fleet will include:

  • TBM930
  • Cessna 208
  • Cessna Citation X

There will also be a Boeing 737-700BBJ for long flights to Europe or Asia.

Chartering an airplane

You can request an aircraft to be flown for you at no cost (as we can’t really charge you for anything anyways). Simply contact an AAVA member with your departure and arrival time as well as dates and how long you’ll be chartering the airplane.

Charting from another airport

We will fly our aircraft to “pick you up” at another airport.
If you want to fly from Trenton, NJ (TTN) to Atlantic City, NJ (ACY), we will fly our aircraft from our home base at Manchester, NH (MHT) to your location and fly you to where you need to go


If you have any questions, please let me know

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Rip, commercial aviation, sad to see it go :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:, though I like how you guys have TBM