Aviation Airways - Addition of the new 737’s

Welcome to an official Aviation Airways post

This post is all about the recently released aircraft of the Boeing 737 aircraft.

Today, we took delivery of the newly released 737-700 with split scimitars. We took this 737-700 for a test run on one of our routes, and so we decided to choose DLH as a route fit for our new 737-700.

We prepared the aircraft for departure and departed at 8:30pm EST and arrived just recently at 11:20pm EST

Flight Information

Here is the recent flight Information of the flight that we have used our new 737 on

Flight number Destination Aircraft Status
AV7377 KDLH Boeing 737-700 Arrived

Orderes and Deliveries

We currently placed orders for the following aircraft

Aircraft Ordered Delivered Notes
737-700 50 1 Splits Included
737-900 25 1 Splits Included

The Boeing 737-800 in our fleet will be kept the same, as some models did not come with the Split Scimitar winglets.

Our new Boeing 737-700 with Split Scimitars at the gate in Duluth, MN

Another view of our 737-700

We hope that with the addition of this new aircraft, that we will better serve our customers and pilots alike.


Yippie! I cant stop flying the new 737


Cool! Will be logging more flights with the 737-700!!