Aviation Air Virtual | Important updates

Welcome pilots, I have some information to share with everyone regarding Aviation Air VA.

Aviation Air VA has a lot of destinations and lots of aircraft at its disposal.
This is an issue as we only have a small team of pilots, and way too many destinations, hubs, and Focus Cities.

Aviation Air VA was originally supposed to have three hubs, one in Manchester, NH (HQ), Cleveland, OH, and in San Salvador.

Along with those hubs, Aviation Air VA is going to be operating an all Boeing fleet for Mainline, and Bombardier for Express. These include:

Boeing 737-700/900
Boeing 757-200
Boeing 787-8
Bombardier CRJ200/700/900

Aviation Air will shut down and reorganize Routes and Hubs. This includes the closure of many routes, hubs, and Focus Cities.

Possibility of downsizing to a commuter airline

Another possibility is Aviation Airways completely downsizing to a commuter airline, and having only a US Hub in Manchester, with service to limited locations. Aircraft include only the TBM930.

What do you think? Should we downsize our route network and have a small amount of jet destinations or should we become a commuter airline instead?

  • Commuter Airline: TBM930 fleet
  • Regular Airline with a smaller fleet and route network

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Aviation Air VA is committed to being as realistic as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please send me a PM. Thank you


I would like the idea of using only TBM because that will be the one prop aircraft I fly a lot other than commercial aircraft because I like the gear configuration for the TBM

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