Aviation Air VA - The New Aviation Airways VA

Welcome to Aviation Airway’s new rebranding for 2019 - Aviation Air VA!

Aviation Airways VA has adopted Aviation Air VA as it’s new name. Aviation Airways VA will still use the previous name for the Site URL and other things, such as for our Official Website

New Livery

This is our official new Livery! It’s more simpler than the previous livery which had the big “A” in the Vertical Stabilizer. It’s also the reason why we removed the “A”, since it was hard to come up with a logo with just “A”.

New Logo and Slogan

This is our brand new Logo and Slogan! We thought we’d make a very simple logo that will represent our Virtual Airline more better, so we decided on this very simple logo!

We hope you enjoy these new looks! We worked hard on a new logo and livery!


Loving the new look!


Congratulations on your new branding and IFC Presence! Best of luck!


Loving the new look! Thanks for the update!


Thanks @Luke_Sta! The VA needed a new look, so I decided to come up with a new logo and livery for our aircraft.

This is a new type of Logo instead of using the old Airplane type logo.

Here’s a comparison of the old livery and New

Old Livery:

New Livery

It’s a Major difference, but I like the new livery


I love the new look. I am really happy about where this VA is going.