Aviation Air VA - an end to a great Run

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while since I last made an announcement. Aviation Air VA is currently not operating, due to COVID-19.

A person who worked at MIAI has proposed we rebrand to Miami Air International VA.

Why? Well, this is so we can easily manage the Airline, as it’s only a small charter airline that was based in Miami (they ceased operations unfortunately).

We would only need a handful of pilots to be trained on the Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

What would you think about this rebranding to Miami Air International?
It would also pay tribute to one of the most recognized airlines in the US before they collapsed.

Thanks for your time on reading this


Hey everyone at Aviation Air VA, I would like to thank everyone for helping this VA while it lasted!

Aviation Air VA first started in November 2017, and has been flying to this day. Soon, Aviation Air VA will be rebranded to Miami Air International Virtual.

Here at Aviation VA, we strived for the best customer service a VA could offer. Thanks everyone for the great time we had together.

@Sean_Murphy will be the new owner of this Rebranded Virtual Airline. I will still be acting COO. This Community will see some changes, but the URL will remain the same as always.

Thanks for a great 3 years flying with you all!

@BigBert10, @Dylan_M, @Westjet737767, @Connor, @CR3W, and @KPIT

Hello Everyone!

First of all I would like to thank @Daniel_Cerritos for allowing me to come in and be such a gracious person. Hopefully all of you can join us on this new journey with Miami Air Virtual! At Miami Air VA we will strive to be the best of the best. Me and Daniel are currently working towards being the first charter airline IFVARB Approved. I hope to see you all join us as we adventure through this, as anyone from Aviation Air VA will be automatically transferred (if they wish) to Miami Air VA in any role. I will attach all open positions within Miami Air in a new post welcoming you all to the worlds premier VA Charter Airline!

Once again I hope to see you all with us!

Sean Murphy


Thanks for the great introduction @Sean_Murphy!

We will be taking things slowly, so don’t think this will be an overnight thing, we want things to be nearly identical to what was once the great Miami Air International.

The logos will change soon, so you’ll soon see the Miami Air International logo in the upper left corner of your screen. You’ll also see a new theme, which will be green, blue, and white to represent MIAIVA, which will be an optional theme you can use.

Our fleet will start off with six (6) Boeing 737-800’s. They will each be flown in from Boeing Field, as they have been ordered.
These airplanes will be based in Miami, FL, where the original airline once was before they went bankrupt.

Why are we using Miami Air International? @Sean_Murphy wants to keep MIAI flying within Infinite Flight to continue their great legacy they had In Real Life, but in a great simulator you can take anywhere and fly anywhere!

We hope this new VA will be successful like the real one was!

Thanks again to @Sean_Murphy for this great opportunity for this to happen!


Epic, nice new charter va :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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I am always here to support the community and the VA *even though I am not under favorable liking by the IFVARB"


@acesoftheace.kenwei & @Connor thanks for the great support. If you guys want a role within the airline let me know and we can get that rolling!

We can make that work out, there are always people who are not going to like you, trust me I learned that first hand with Miami Air. Is there any reason why they won’t like you?

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Sure, I’ll have an airline role.

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Here are our open current head role positions

  • Chief Scheduler - Oversees aircraft dispatching and crew dispatching
  • Head of Internal Affairs - Oversees rank system, works with COO
  • Dispatcher - Dispatches aircraft and creates a/c schedule
  • HR Manager - Oversees relations within the airline
  • Chief Pilot - Oversees all pilots, training and check ride
  • Head of Public Relations - In charge of recruiting and events
  • Sales - Sells product and creates routes for the aircraft
  • Pilot
  • Chief Trainer - In charge of training
    This is a few of the many positions we will offer. PM me for inquires!

Community has updated it’s logo

You will now see the MIAI Virtual logo on the site. This is the first physical change to this community.

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Nice new logo, congrats on rebranding into a new va @Daniel_Cerritos and @Sean_Murphy


Aviation Airways has officially ceased Operations, and is now Miami Air International VA

@Sean_Murphy will make a new topic regarding on upcoming events that will be happening here in the Community, and possible changes

Thanks so much, we still have lot’s of work to do, most importantly getting all of MIAIVA aircraft at MIA as soon as possible


Aviation Air VA has ceased operations as of 15:50 (3:50pm EDT May 17, 2020)