An Update on AAVA - What to expect for 2019

Hello, Aviation Air Virtual Pilots!

As 2019’s first quarter is coming to an end, we thought this would be a good time to update you all on what’s been going on, and what you should expect for the rest of the year.

Staff Arrangements

We have been recently looking into our Staff and kept think about how this could be made better. As of now, we just have some people on the forum with a name tag attached to them. We are looking to make them full on Team members of AAVA.

We have went ahead and made a Staff list consisted of their Name, and their role here at AAVA:

Name Role
@Daniel_Cerritos CEO
@Alice COO
@Connor Developer
@CR3W Developer

Changes to #announcments:airport-operations

We’ve noticed that anyone (new and old users) are able to post in #announcments:airport-operations. We don’t want this. So, in order to fix this issue, we’ve made this category inclusive to TL4 and up. If you’re TL4, you can post in this category, but you aren’t able to pin, close etc.

The following people are ‘Airport Ops. Managers’ and are able to post in this category:

@KPIT Airport Ops. Manager
@BigBert10 Airport Ops. Manager
@TheCoolPilot Airport Ops. Manager
@Westjet737767 Airport Ops Manager
@Luke_Sta Airport Ops Manager

Note: We have also changed #announcments so only Moderators and Admins can post in it.

The future of AAVA

Currently, we are working on some things that will be useful to our Pilots. One being a new booking system, completely thought out, developed and tested (note that this is still in beta testing by Staff). Find more about this below:

Also, over the course of 2019, as Infinite Flight LLC adds new Commercial Aircraft, we will see an increase, improvement, and retirement of Aircraft in AAVA’s fleet.

That’s all for now, stay tuned and thank you for being apart of our Community!