Aircraft utilization on routes

Good afternoon Pilots and staff alike

I thought I’d help out on Aircraft utilization on routes that AAVA serves in a daily basis.

Starting a new route

When you open a new route, consider how much demand it will receive. Will we be flying lots of people, or will we be flying a handful of people to that destination.

An example would be MHT-CLE. These two airports are important for the AAVA network, as they are both hubs. In this route, we would utilize up to at most six flights a day, using different aircraft, such as two flights on a CRJ900, two flights on a Boeing 737-700S, and two flights on an Airbus A321.

On existing routes

On routes that are already being served, it must always be evaluated to see if the aircraft being used on the route is still worth to use or not.
An example: MHT-ISP used to have three times daily flights on an RJ200, but was upped from three to five daily. Two on an RJ200, and three on an RJ900. This is due to the fact ISP is more easier to fly into/out of New York, even though it’s a bit far from NYC.

Seaonal Changes

Sometimes, Demand can go up or down during a season. Asses what route you would like to rotate aircraft on, and to make sure that It still fills up to our standards.

An example would be MHT-EGE. Eagle Vail is a popular ski destination for most skiers. So, during the winter months, we typically send in three flights to EGE, two on an Airbus A321 and one on a Boeing 737-900ERS. During summer months, we don’t send in main line. Instead, all travels have to connect through Cleveland, Pittsburgh, or Denver to reach Eagle Vail, as there isn’t enough demand for us to send in mainline year round to EGE.
We send in daily service from our DEN hub using the RJ900 and RJ200 year round due to demand being there from our DEN hub. We usually schedule four flights a day, twice on an RJ200 (Mornings and nights), and Two flights on an RJ900 (Midday). A CRJ200 usually Remains Overnight EGE, so that it can be prepared for the next day’s flight to Denver.

You can always see if demand requires that type of equipment.

You always choose the correct aircraft if there is enough demand. So choose your airplane according to demand!

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That is pretty much why I chose the B789 KSJC-LFPG

Took it easy to see how much passenger demand there is. If we at KSJC see that there is a lot of passenger demand, we will increase frequencies.

Started off with the B789 instead of the A330 since it is fuel efficient and has enough range to go the 9 hour flight

If passenger demand is high, we might increase it to another airplane or boost frequencies


Just added a new paragraph. Enjoy the seasonal portion of Aircraft utilization! :slight_smile: