Airbus Retirement Thread


Welcome to the Airbus Retirement Thread. We honor having flown both Boeing and Airbus, and we’re thankful for flying them as part of our fleet. But as time passes on, we must simplify our fleet. We will be retiring our Airbus fleet in the coming months.

Thanks to all the pilots for flying on our Airbus models through many cities and towns. We hope you’ll enjoy Boeing airplanes as much as you loved Airbus.


Aircraft Date of Retirement Replaced by
Airbus A318 3-30-19 Boeing 737-700

Status: Retired


Aircraft Date of Retirement Replaced by
Airbus A319 4-31-19 Boeing 737-700

Status: Retired


Aircraft Date of Retirement Replaced by
Airbus A320 September 30, 2019 Boeing 737-800

Status: In Fleet, flying


Aircraft Date of Retirement Replaced by
Airbus A321 December 1, 2019 Boeing 737-900

Status: In Fleet, flying

This topic will be updated when the announcement of a new Retirement date has been set.

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Oh no… Didn’t expect this, quite upsetting tbh. I joined AAVA a lot because of it’s diverse fleet!


There might be a chance that we keep the A321 for Transcon flights, but only a few of them. It’s just easier to manage one type of fleet


The final A318 will be flying DEN-MHV for storage to be sold to another Virtual Airline.

Right now, AV991 will be departing Denver soon. You can follow the A318 retirement here:

The Airbus A318 officially retires after AV991 lands at MHV.


The Airbus A318 has now been officially retired. We will be announcing the next airplane Retirement soon.


Don’t you mean the A318


Yes I did lol, thanks for the correction

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The Airbus A319 will be retired from AAVA on April 30, 2019.

The A319 will be succeeded by the Boeing 737-700.


Good bye A319 and Hello to my favorite long-waited Boeing 737-700.


We have pushed back the retirement of the Airbus A320 and A321. We will be keeping the A321 for a little bit longer until December.

we will be utilizing these airplanes until their retirement. So pilots will continue to fly these models until everyone is trained on the Boeing 737 series


I kind of like the A321

SJC needs more of these airplanes


Good idea, we’ll send some A321’s to SJC in the meantime for Transcon flights