Air New Zealand 777-300 hit by other aircraft while on ground at KLAX


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Some breaking news for Air New Zealand, after one of its 777-300 ZK-OKM aircraft, from Los Angeles to Auckland was hit by another aircraft. While the aircraft was about to begin boarding another aircraft had struck its Horizontal Stabilizer. NZ5 was canceled, and all 285 passengers flying to Auckland will be staying overnight in Los Angeles while a replacement aircraft is sent to LAX.

A new part and a team of engineers were being sent to Los Angeles, however, the spare part would be arriving at a different airport, and would need to be transferred. Air New Zealand General Manager Customer Experience Anita Hawthorne, said that they would be making an attempt to ensure that they could fit as many passengers as they can on the Southbound NZ1 flight, which stops is LA from London, however most passengers would, unfortunately, be spending the night in LA.


Looks like ZK-OKM was the flight that was supposed to be operating as NZ5 from Los Angeles to Auckland.

The plane is 8 years old.


Eek. Hope everything turns out ok. Would be so annoying for the passengers.


Glad it wasn’t a Major accident, still disappointing none the less :confused:


Yikes. Glad everyone is OK.
(They said tarmac in the article though, I am triggered)


What’s with you guys getting this news from a site called Stuff lol?


Stuff is litterely a national news source in NZ.


Oh. Okay, never knew that.


Lol. It’s alot my reliable than the alternate


What is the flight number so that I can track it via FR24?


This was four months ago dude